Do I look like Zach Galifianakis or Tori Spelling?

I’m still on the banana diet. Can’t stop. Μου αρέσει.

Today is a rest day so I did some abs and then took a walk.
Τα τελευταία μου βίντεο

Podcast Recaps from Aug 6
And here’s a new video with a quick recap of 3 podcasts I listened to yesterday. 
Podcasts Recapped:

The drama Club – April 2018 episode about Monica Lewinsky and July 2018 episode about Conan O’Brien and duchess of York Fergie. interesting stuff!

The morning toast Podcast – Today’s episode about hot topics including the E! news statement that the show will be completely cancelled (the times have been changed up a bit lately, but now it’s over).

Juicy scoop with Heather McDonald – interview with Captain Sandy from below Deck Mediterranean 

Περισσότερα βίντεο

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Athleta Running Shorts Review.mp4


Breakfast when I got back was the typical – eggs for days, Sriracha and a bagel thin. But, I was craving bagel thicks (aka real bagels) – so I got on that later.

I scored some watermelon on manager’s special and it made my lil day.

And I hit up the bulk bins for a chocolate fix. I’m busted because I used to do this once in a while, but now it’s every time.

I decided I want to eat a bagel before my run tomorrow and hit up the local bagel shop for a really good one. But, I couldn’t decide which one!

Savory or Sweet?

Και τα δυο. certainly both.

So, I got an everything bagel

and a French toast bagel.

And because I probably shouldn’t eat two bagels before a run I had half of each best away. Φοβερο.

Yesterday when I hit up GNC for a few Quest Bars the sales lady literally exclaimed, “You look that like girl from 90210!” I was second in line so even the girl she was assisting turned around to look at me.

She was adamant that I appeared like Tori Spelling and that “You already know. You should get this every day! You look just like her.”

Χα! I thought it was funny and really random and told my pal who stated she doesn’t see it.

I personally think I look like Zack Galifianakis…

Question: who do people say you look like?

Do I look much more like Tori Spelling or Galifinakis?

Στείλτε μου το βιβλίο εργασίας


Το να μοιράζεσαι σημαίνει ότι νοιάζεσαι!







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